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We Create Reality

Sandi Phillips Meyler, trained as a clinical psychologist with years of family work experience, navigated quite naturally to coaching after discovering that We Create Reality. Get the best of both worlds, and take YOUR next step into the life you’ve always known you can have!

You can benefit from coaching with We Create Reality if you:

  • have been exposed to the idea the you create your own reality, but are not sure how that applies in your own particular circumstances

  • have heard about the Law of Attraction and would like to be more deliberate about the life you are creating

  • are ready to take responsibility and create the life of your dreams

  • are motivated and would like increased clarity about applying Universal Law to be happier and more successful

  • are looking for lasting change, and know that you are worthwhile of investment


“Let me start by saying that I am so, so, so, blessed to have met Sandi! If I am trying to work through a challenge I’ll set up a session with Sandi and no matter where I am vibrationally I always feel instant relief knowing that she will help me work through it. She has an uncanny ability to “ferret out” exactly what is at the core of my current vibration. I'm usually confused when I start, and am always feeling better by the time we are done!"

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